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With over 35 years of expertise and 4500+ roof installations, Weatherseal Home Improvements guarantee precision, top quality, and a 10% increase in property value on all replacement roofing services in multiple locations, including Clinton Township, MI. We take pride in holding multiple licenses from all major shingle manufacturers, including the CertainTeed Shingle Master and GAF-Certified.

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Roof Installation Services

Our premium materials ensure your peace of mind. And our low pricing, lifetime warranty on installations, and customizable financing options make us the roofing company you can rely on whether you need to replace a residential or commercial roof. Our team installs visually appealing and durable shingles which protect your property and boost curb appeal. Request a free quote now to avail yourself of the benefits of dealing with a trustworthy team with the right expertise.

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When Do I Need a Roof Replacement?

As an expert roof replacement contractor, Weatherseal Home Improvements know when it’s vital to your roof’s safety and lifespan. Keep an eye out for the following key indications:  

  • Visible sunlight in the attic can lead to damage to the structure’s integrity
  • Shingle deterioration means loads of shingle grains in the gutters
  • A sagging or drooping roof highlights structural problems that may need immediate care
  • Algae and moss on your roof lead to water damage
  • The aftereffects of a severe storm may require restoring the integrity of your roof
  • Frequent repairs require a more economical option, like roof replacement  
  • Higher energy costs because of poor insulation on older roofs

If you observe these indications, contact our expert roof replacement company for an exhaustive assessment. Safeguard your investment NOW and create a safe home environment for your family.

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New Roof Installation

Affordable Pricing Options

Get the high-quality roof your family deserves, with a low, affordable monthly commitment.

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Seamless Residential Roofing Replacement

As a professional residential roof replacement contractor, Weatherseal Home Improvements effectively handles all your replacement needs. You can expect the following stages via a seamless process:   

  • Assessing your preferences, conditions, and budget during a free initial consultation 
  • Evaluating the existing roof with a comprehensive roof inspection
  • Planning to improve curb appeal with innovative and customizable options
  • Analyzing every aspect to present a transparent and credible cost estimate
  • Deciding on a practical starting date and optimal schedule
  • Choosing premium materials for a precise and professional roof installation
  • Satisfying your requirements with quality control measures
  • Addressing questions you may have during the final walkthrough
  • Offering warranty and post-replacement support

You can depend on Weatherseal Home Improvements for a smooth, appealing, and robust replacement experience on your residential roof in multiple locations, including Macomb, Michigan.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Weatherseal Home Improvements is aware of any special requirements you may have for your business assets in Shelby Township, MI. Our efficient commercial roof replacement services guarantee smooth communication throughout the project:  

  • Discussing specifications, budget, and timetable during a free initial assessment
  • Offering customized roofing solutions in line with the requirements of your building
  • Proposing clear scope, premium materials, affordable price, and optimal timeframe
  • Complying with all permits and rules 
  • Minimizing any interruptions with effective and efficient execution
  • Prioritizing quality and safety with optimal measures
  • Ensuring effective communication and progress updates at all times
  • Offering ongoing post-installation support

We will safeguard your commercial assets for years.

What Materials
Are Available?

Weatherseal Home Improvements offer a variety of premium roofing materials to satisfy your preferences and needs in multiple locations, including Sterling Heights, MI. You can choose the following materials:

  • Asphalt shingles: Inexpensive, long-lasting roofing option with various colors and designs
  • Slate roofing: Offers an opulent, classic look with unmatched beauty and longevity
  • Tile roofing: Weatherproof and durable, making it ideal for Mediterranean-style homes
  • Synthetic roofing materials: Be more durable and economical while imitating natural materials
  • Green roofing: An eco-conscious choice to increase sustainability and energy efficiency with active plants

We will walk you through the benefits of each material, assisting you in making an informed choice depending on your budget, preferred architectural style, and climate.

Whether you’re looking for traditional elegance or contemporary utility, we have the ideal roofing materials you desire.

Consider Emerald Coast Roofing,
Your Trusted Contractor

With over 35 years of experience, Weatherseal Home Improvements has earned its status as a trusted roofing business. Our diverse portfolio features a variety of successful projects, showcasing exceptional results, and our ability to manage multiple layers of complexity. 

We offer creative solutions in various situations, ranging from storm damage restoration project, where we successfully repaired the ridge caps and shingles, to managing complicated roof leaks and assuring durability for homes and businesses.

Please view our portfolio for examples of our excellent work and high standards.

Contact us now for a free consultation and inquire about financing options if you need superior roofing services. 


Q: Do you offer a warranty on roof replacement services near me in Michigan?
Absolutely! A lifetime warranty on our roof installations ensures high-quality and robust work.
Q: Do you offer both residential and commercial roof replacement services?
Yes, we can help you with both residential and commercial roofs. No matter the type or size, our expert team delivers all the roof replacement services as per the highest professional standards.
Q: How do I choose the best roofing contractor?
You can pick the best roof replacement contractor by considering reputation, experience, and client testimonials. And verifying any licenses, insurances, and premium materials. Prioritize warranties, open communication, adherence to local regulations, and safety for effective roof repairs.