A New Roof Will Save You Money in Michigan

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A New Roof Will Save On Energy Costs And Add To The Value Of Your Home in Michigan.

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Many homeowners wait until their roof is leaking or notice visible damage before they even begin to think about replacing the roof. This only makes the final cost much higher. Poor insulation and improper ventilation conditions lead to higher energy bills, and even to a higher replacement.

A new roof will increase the beauty of your home, cut your energy bills, and play a major role in your ability to sell your home at your asking price.

Also discuss attic ventilation with your roofing contractor – without it, in the summer, your attic can get so hot that it actually bakes your shingles.

And in the winter, the hot moist air heating your home can get trapped in your attic, causing ice jambs, dry rot, mildew to your roofs structure and decking . This will certainly soak and diminish the effectiveness of your insulation, increase your energy bills, and may even cause moldy and stale air in your entire home. Possibly leading to upper respiratory health issues.

Weatherseal Home Improvements is proud to offer roofing services in Macomb, St. Clair, Oakland, Saginaw, Ingam and Washtenaw counties with a manufacture lifetime warranty and service workmanship guarantee on re-roofing projects.

As a Michigan Roofing Contractor, we offer a wide variety of residential roofing shingle profiles that are as beautiful as they are durable. We have many, textures, colors, and style for your homes dreams, designs,and budgets. At Weatherseal Home Improvements, we will check the attic insulation to make sure it’s up to today’s codes and standards for proper regulation, temperatures for your home, and examine ventilation to ensure mold and mildew won’t grow and damage the underside of your roof. A complete evaluation of your roof will catch even minor problems, so they can be fixed before they get worse.When some of these area are over looked, it will result in problems starting with, manufacture warranties, roof decking, air qualities, respiratory infections and premature failure of material. Click here to learn more about our roofing services. See our excellent BBB standing here. 

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