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New Siding Is A Great Home Improvement
That Increases Value And Protects Against Decay

As well as looking great, new siding and trim protect your property against the natural elements and pests. Some siding materials work well in dry climates, others in damp climates.

The thickness of Older siding standards will  loosen overtime, but the newer vinyl siding thickness & styles being made works extremely well all types of weather conditions.

Your choice of new siding will help prevent moisture penetration and the growth of contaminants such as mold, dust mites and bacteria; these three types of hazards have been proven to cause allergic, respiratory, and other health problems besides causing permanent damage to your home.

Of course rain, snow, and frost are the top moisture concerns in South East Michigan. If any penetrate your old siding the moisture makes the walls soft, which quickly degrades the strength of your entire house frame.


Easily Avoid The Ongoing Threat Of Pests

Some common pests in our area that live behind older or inferior siding include dust mites, carpenter ants, and the North American termite.

Dust mites are also an allergy concern. Carpenter ants and termites eat away at your investment, and they undermine the strength of your entire wooden frame.

A carefully chosen siding will not only give your house a perfect new look, but it protects your investment, your family’s health, and provides a safer living environment for years to come.


Why Are Your Old or Damaged Gutters Such A Hazard?

While most home owners typically pay little attention to their gutters, they continually demand preventative maintenance. The function of gutters is very important to the interior and exterior condition of your property, and here are some reasons you want them in good working order:

  • Guides rainwater safely away from concrete walls and sidewalks
  • Keeps water from settling around your foundation causing permanent damage
  • Prevents damage to the property’s exterior paint, siding, or brickwork
  • Prohibits water from entering walls causing cracks and permanent water damage

Permanent damage will always occur once water has penetrated the foundation of your home. This is a major problem and is very costly. This type of damage can easily be prevented by properly cleaning or replacing your damaged gutters or downspouts.

In addition, you need an expert to make sure they are properly placed and that water is always draining in a very safe location.

Water damage to your foundation can, at the very least, cause the growth of mold and bacteria that cause serious health problems if not fixed immediately.

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