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Good Roofing Companies

How to Find a Good Roofing Company

 Whether you need a small roof repair or an entire new roof, trying to find a good, trustworthy roofing company can seem overwhelming. However, by following the tips we offer here, you will be able to find the best professional for the job without having to stress over your decision.

First and foremost, word of mouth is still essential for finding a local roofing contractor. The best place to start is by asking your friends or neighbors if they can recommend a someone. Don’t stop at one referral though. If possible, ask a handful of people because you will either get multiple recommendations for one company, or you’ll have a few companies to check out and that’s a good thing.

Now you might be thinking, what if I’m new to my neighborhood or my friends can’t recommend anyone? That’s okay. There are other reliable resources to turn to including:

Yellow Pages

Chamber of Commerce

Building supply stores

City Building official

Your local Better Business Bureau

Visit a job being done in your neighborhood / community

Once you get a few referrals or you’ve found a few companies to talk to, you’ll still want to meet with each one, get to know them and get quotes. Some people make their decision based on price alone, but more often than not, there should be more to your decision than that.  Here are a few more essential things you need to find out.

1. Time frame for completing the work. Ask questions such as:

When can you start?

How long will the whole project take?

Will you work on my project every day weather permitting?


2. Work schedule and how the work will be done. Ask questions such as:

What time do you start and end your day?

Is all debris consolidated into piles or put in one container at the end of each Day?

What happens/when will you reschedule if the weather is bad on a day you are Supposed to be at my home?


3. Products that will be used & cost. Ask questions such as:

What kind of under layments will be used, how many vents, nails, staple, ridge Caps?

How much will it cost for wood replacement per lineal foot, Square foot, Board foot?


4. Payment arrangements. Ask questions such as:

Do you require a down payment?

If so, how much and when in the balance due?

Can you pay upon completion?

If not, what kind of down payment is required, when is it due and when is the balance due?

Are there any other pay plan options?

Are there any discounts available?


5. Legal issues: Ask questions such as:

What permits are needed for this work?

*Verify the answers by calling the proper office yourself

Are you licensed and insured?

*Require copies for your own records

Again, in most situations when you are hiring a contractor, it is very important to compare based on something other than price. Use these questions as a starting point

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